About Us

The FIT360 program is a process. It is a way of life. Designed to inculcate the right habits for developing a healthy body, mind and soul, the program endeavours to lead children towards a healthy way of living. Most of us are aware and alarmed about our child’s sedentary lifestyle, but do not have the time to cajole them towards healthy habits. The FIT360 program is an attempt to help parents address these challenges. It is a culmination of Dr. Indu Tandon’s research and development in the field of Health-Based Fitness for Children.

The program assesses and addresses your child’s overall fitness through comprehensive orthopaedic and neurological evaluation. The program also features customised training interventions, including physical exercises and brain gym movements that can help improve learning, vision, memory, expression and movement.

FIT360 promotes an all-round fitness module where your child learns to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Remember your adolescent years? Wasn’t growing up a challenge? Your children are undergoing a lot of changes while growing up. Along with their bodies, their minds are also growing. Children are subjected to a lot of changes. Internally, their hormones are on an overdrive, causing a lot of physical as well as mental transformations. Externally, our kids are being exposed to a lot of negativity and unhealthy ideas. Children are like receivers. At a young age, they receive from whatever they are exposed to. This is a subconscious activity and parents find themselves helpless because all kind of information gets imbibed as it is. Technology has made our children indolent. Lack of adequate physical activity derides their growth hormones and invites diseases. FIT360 promotes an all-round fitness module where your child learns to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This program is developed to convert today’s youngsters into tomorrow’s young stars. Our program is designed to ensure that your child’s growing- up experience is a treat. Our experts have chalked out a program that will inculcate healthy habits in your children in a fun-filled manner. Through interactive games and performance-enhancing exercises, we will be shaping your children to accept life’s challenges in a positive manner. You care for your children and FIT360 helps you channelize all that attention into skills and mindsets that will equip them for the future.

In this fast changing world, the need for physical and mental fitness is more than ever before. In order to become winners, our children need to be 360° fit. Our children are facing disorders like blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, back pain and obesity. They also face a lot of psychological pressure from the world they grow up in. Efficiently designed physical exercises help them meet these challenges head-on and realize their true potential.