Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Mathur is a leading industrialist having interests in various fields. He has a strong background in business and management, and holds immense experience across sectors, roles and responsibilities.

Mr. Mathur, an MBA graduate with specialisation in marketing, has earned a reputation of an experienced professional with integrity. After the commissioning of many successful projects and significant experience in the real estate and finance segments, today Mr. Mathur is spearheading companies that specialise in financial consultancy, marketing, international trading, and advertising. His real estate development company undertakes large-scale infrastructure projects, such as industrial parks, affordable housing, and commercial and residential complexes. Mr. Mathur is also establishing an aviation project, which includes manufacturing of light aircrafts, and other aviation and non-aviation activities.

Mr. Mathur’s attachment to children and passion for fitness led him to create FIT360 Kids Health & Fitness Pvt. Ltd. It is his belief that for societies to flourish every child must grow in every aspect. For this reason, he has been associated with many schools for bringing impactful development in infrastructure and technology. He believes that although academic excellence leads to intellectual advancement, physical development of the child is imperative for holistic growth. The FIT360 initiative is Mr. Mathur’s approach to uplift this idea. He has put together a team of experienced professionals and mentors to create a concept that would make a difference in fitness for children.

Mr. Mathur is an ambitious and experienced businessman and a finance professional, and aims for the highest standard of excellence in his work. His working principles are simple but robust – to work hard, move forward, and achieve the best by the most professional and ethical means. In his free time, Mr. Mathur loves to read and learn about new technologies and ideas.




Mrs. Mathur is a highly experienced business motivator with an acute acumen for human resource development and administration. She holds more than two decades of experience across functions such as recruitment, training, and managing employee welfare.

At FIT360, Mrs. Mathur leads a team of enthusiastic and goal-oriented professionals. During her time away from work, she enjoys reading, exploring new technologies, and spending time with her family.




Dr. Indu Tandon is a physical rehabilitation therapist with experience for over 15 years in the field of orthopaedics, neurology, paediatrics, sports and cardiac therapy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from G. S. Medical College (K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai) and a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (Orthopaedics) from T. N. Medical College (Nair Hospital, Mumbai).

She has also completed a course in Nutrition and Weight Management from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Indu Tandon has been actively engaged in the development and advancement of the science of health-based fitness for children.

She leads a team of highly trained and motivated healthcare and childcare professionals/physiotherapists who bring immense experience and strength to the FIT360 programme.




Astha Mathur brings her expertise in administration and human resources to FIT360. She works closely with Vandana Mathur to ensure that the back-operations of the company function efficiently and effectively.

Professionally, Astha has been a banker with a reputed Indian bank, constantly working on problem-solving solutions, and assessing and implementing new processes, both individually and in large teams. She has qualifications in banking and economics from prestigious educational institutions. She has also lived in Germany for a period of 2 years.

In addition to her interests in management and economics, Astha is passionate about children. In the past, she has worked closely with schools to prepare children for challenging academic competitions.

Astha thoroughly enjoys reading, listening to music, cooking and writing during her time away from work. Her passion for children and management skills are an asset for FIT360.




Dr. Harshal N. Mathur joined FIT360 after having been a research scientist for several years in the United Kingdom and Germany. After graduating with a degree in Aerospace Materials he completed his PhD in the same field, working very closely with an internationally renowned jet engine manufacturer.

After completing his PhD, Harshal worked as a research scientist in a relatively newly developed discipline of Nanomechanics. He has published various scientific papers and has written popular-science articles. He has also presented papers at several conferences in Europe and the USA, and has received a combination of awards and scholarships.

Harshal is now very keen to work on the management front, and brings his abilities of conducting in-depth studies and working with details to the operations of FIT360.